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boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

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No need to use the Squad... Here at Geek on a Scooter your needs are our top priority.

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Lost it all?

boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

Sometimes even the best hardware crashes and losing your data can be a traumatic experience. Whether you lost that report your boss needs or all of your family photos have disappeared, we may be able to help... Give us a call, if it is recoverable we will get it for you! (208) 473-2373

Data Recovery

$200.00 for first 20 gigs an additional $15.00 for each additional 5 gigs.
Does not include charges to send Hard-drive to clean room.

What is a Hard Drive?

Think of it as a massive filing cabinet, bank or storage unit. It is the device in your computer that stores all your data, pictures, music, programs, and your operating system (for example Windows 7 or Max OS X). All computers have them and without them your computer would not be able to save anything you wanted it to.

What Happens When a Hard Drive Dies?

Hard-drive failure is one of the scariest and frustrating things that can happen to any computer no matter the make, model, or operating system. It is like your storage unit burning to the ground. For most people we see, family photos are more valuable than anything in the world. Often this is what is lost forever when a hard drive goes bad for a home user. For business users, this can mean years of lost financial data and legal documents.

You can prevent this from happening to you!

Are There Warning Signs a Hard Drive is Dying?

Yes. Does your hard drive sound like a tumbler, feel hot to the touch, or sound louder than usual? If any of these are happening, your hard drive might be failing.

How Long Does a Hard Drive Last?

On average see a 4 to 6 year lifespan on today's hard drives. Windows 7's release date was July 22nd, 2009 putting us near that 6 year mark for Windows 7. We are now seeing a dramatic increase in the number of drives failing or about to fail coming through our repair shop in last 6 months. How old is your computer? How old are your hard-drives?

Hard Drives to Avoid?

Refurbished hard drives vary on the amount of usage they incurred before testing and resale. We do not recommend them for long term use, but if you’re short on cash a refurbished hard-drive may be the only option for you at that time.

We recommend avoiding Eco drives or green label hard drives as we have seen many problems with them. While the Eco and green drives use less power, many may have issues with clean room data recovery which can be quite costly.

We have been tracking drive failure rates. In our data it shows Hitachi(HGST) and Western Digital have better quality controls at manufacturing sites with less failure in first 4 years than the competition. Spending those extra few dollars for a reliable hard drive can save you a significant cost in the future. Clean room services are expensive so please back up your computer.

After compiling our data and comparing it to some interesting articles we have found this article to be very close to our own data. It makes the most sense and is well written.

How long do hard drives actually live for?

We have not been paid to post this, nor do we own stock in any hard-drive manufacturer or have any financial ties to any hard-drive manufacturer. We do purchase drives and do computer repair for Mac's and PC's and we report what we see.

OK, So What do I Do Now?

"BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM REGULARLY." If you don't know how Geek On a Scooter can help!

You may want a new computer but keep your current operating system such as windows 7, Vista, Mac desktop computer. Not everybody wants or has the time to purchase a new computer. Then install all their programs, clean viruses from their data (which most people skip). Then transfer their data to their new computer only to transfer a virus to the new machine. Can you imagine how frustrating it would feel for your new computer to have the same problem as your old one? Your new computer having same problem as your old one. Call us and we can help you fix the old one saving you time and money.

In today's world many work from their home, run a business, or just can't afford to buy the newest version of their very expensive software/programs they already own. Just so they can try the newest system out. We understand this. For example, we saved a local company $60,000 by cloning their main system to a new hard-drive. The new version of their software which handles their parts, inventory, sales, and tracking software would have required all new terminals, server, software, and labor about $60,000. Hard to justify that for one hard-drive...

So get your backup set up, and before your drive fails we can clone your drive to a new drive giving you all your programs and data without the hassle. With another 4 to 6 years of use out of that computer.

I think I lost it all!

If you waited too long and your drive has failed we can get your data, pictures, music, and movies. In doing so we will also make sure your valuable data is virus free before transferring to your new hard drive.

Help, I am Out of State!

If you can't afford to ship it to us for those of you out of state, one of your local computer repair companies should offer cloning or data recovery services.