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boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

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Cut the Cord

boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

"Cutting the Cord" can sound like like a scary thing to do, but can be quite exciting. Think of all the money you'll save! You can save so much money, but how do you manage to keep watching all of your favorite shows? Which DVR system best suits your needs? Let Geek On a Scooter help you get set up to Cut the Cord and stop feeding the cable/satalite.


  • OTA - Over The Air

    This is how we can Cut The Cord. Digital TV signals from local TV stations are transmitted through the air. These signals can be picked up using an HD Antenna. These channels are free to watch and include many of the major network channels such as PBS, NBC, CW, ABC, FOX & CBS.

  • Cut The Cord

    This term is mostly used to reference the severing of ties to the cable companies. Instead, Cord Cutters recieve their video entertainment through OTA television and/or online streaming.

  • DVR - Digital Video Recorder

    Many people believe that cable/satellite companies have the monopoly on recording TV. This is simply not the case. There are many DVR hardware systems that you can purchase that will allow you to record OTA television as well as live internet broadcasts. Once recorded, there are varius ways to stream your recordings to multiple Smart TVs, mobile phones, and computers. You can even play back the recordings on up to 4 devices at the same time using RokuĀ®.

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