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Geek On A Scooter Fixin' Your Computer...
boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

Serving the Boise Metro Area

Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Boise, Star, Nampa, and Caldwell.

(208) 473-2373

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No need to use the Squad... Here at Geek on a Scooter your needs are our top priority.

We are competitively priced and out deliver the other Geek's.

We are locally owned, friendly, and patient.

Our Customer Service stands above the rest of the Geek's, no matter what squad they are a part of...

Affordable Desktops and Laptops

boise meridian computer repair sales, geek on a scooter fixin your computer

We are constantly selling through inventory of refurbished computers, memory, and other hardware. We do alot of research prior to building our computers, weeding out poor designs or flawed hardware from manufactures and big box stores.

  • 1 year limited hardware warranty
  • 1 year free antivirus
  • Tuned up and optimized for maximum speed
  • Discounted data recovery with computer purchase

Our business continues to grow for many reasons great customers, great customer service, and great referrals. Our reputation is important to us. Every computer we build we would use in our own office or home. We have specials, virus alerts, geek humor, and great information on our business page on Facebook "Geek on a Scooter Fixin' Your Computer." Feel review our many recommendations and reviews on Facebook, Google plus/maps, and Angie's List. Please call prior to purchasing to ensure we have inventory necessary to fill your order.

All new and refurbished computers come with a brand new hard drive right out of the box with a fresh install of Windows 10. We do not waste time band-aiding the most important part of the computer in our refurbished builds. And to back it up, they are covered in our 1 year warranty.


Give us a call and let us know what your looking for. (208) 473-2373

Custom Built Desktops

Custom Built computers vary in price, you tell us your budget and we build you the fastest machine within your budget. Every computer we build or refurbish will come with 1 year warranty. We will service them for you locally. Give us a call to get a computer built just for you! (208) 473-2373

This warranty covers hardware failure & labor. Warranty does NOT cover power surge/loss, and customer abuse such as: used as a floatation device (we cannot guarantee it will float or save your life), spilling coffee on your computer, being dropped, software malfunction by virus or customer uninstalling programs improperly.