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Serving the Boise Metro Area

Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Boise, Star, Nampa, and Caldwell.

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No need to use the Squad... Here at Geek on a Scooter your needs are our top priority.

We are competitively priced and out deliver the other Geek's.

We are locally owned, friendly, and patient.

Our Customer Service stands above the rest of the Geek's, no matter what squad they are a part of...

Community Enrichment Discounts

Teachers - Retired - Nurses - EMTs - Firefighters - Police - Military

We are of the opinion that these groups of people listed above invest the most into our local community's growth and stability with very few rewards and very little pay. Most (if not all) will agree that they deserve more than they are getting paid now. They are our everyday superheroes, and this is our way of saying thank you.


The retired grandmother who helps take care of her grandchildren in her spare time so the parent/parents can make ends meet.


The nurses that put in extra hours off the clock due to call outs and scheduling errors, making sure their patients get their medication when they are supposed to.

Emergency Medical Technicians

The EMTs that come speeding down the road to save our lives when an emergency or accident happens.


The teacher who buys musical instruments/school supplies for their students with their hard earned money. Because the child's parents cannot afford them.


The firefighters who risk their life and health to help us when we are at our most vulnerable.


The police who serve and protect our community from possible dangers, risking their lives while protecting ours.


The military trying to do their best to serve our country with honor. We support our troops. We hope you all come home soon.

Thank you for all you do!


Our discounts vary on percentage but range from 10% to 33% off the price of the service. These are based off price.
For example:

  • Computer Tune Up - 20% off
  • Virus Removal with Tune Up - $50 off
  • Reload of Windows with Data Recovery and Virus cleaning - $50 off
  • Onsite Computer Repair - $25 off