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Geek On A Scooter Fixin' Your Computer...
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Serving the Boise Metro Area

Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Boise, Star, Nampa, and Caldwell.

(208) 473-2373

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No need to use the Squad... Here at Geek on a Scooter your needs are our top priority.

We are competitively priced and out deliver the other Geek's.

We are locally owned, friendly, and patient.

Our Customer Service stands above the rest of the Geek's, no matter what squad they are apart of...

Looking for us? Go to our About Us page and use the interactive map to locate us.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has truly turned the world we live in upside down. Not only in Idaho but the whole world. Governor Brad Little recently put into effect a state wide "Stay at Home Order". More than ever people and businesses are depending on their computers and other devices to work from home, stay in touch with doctors and other medical support, online schooling, ordering food and supplies, just to name a few. At this time we want to reassure you that we are OPENand considered an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS.

At this time we will offer remote & online support as much as possible to limit contact and possible exposure. On-sites will only be offered in limited cases. In office work and repairs will still be offered. If you would like you can call us at 208-473-2373 when you are at the office for curbside pick up and drop off. We are doing this to help flatten the curve while still maintaining, as normal as possible, service.

On a personal note, please remember we are all in this together. Please check on your neighbors and friends. This is a trying time for everyone. Help out where you can. That might be a meal, friendship, encouragement, and yes, maybe even a roll of toilet paper. Some might be too proud to ask for help but try to help out where you can. We are all is this together and together we will get through this.

- Christian and Kat from Geek on a Scooter Fixin' Your Computer

Why Geek On a Scooter?

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Treasure Valleys Leading Computer Tech Authority

We are the local authority in computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, wireless setup, website design, and Google marketing to name a few. We add up to 20 more steps to computer tune-ups than our competition. Your will be PC faster than when it was new! We stay in touch with current technology while providing honest and dependable support.

Close to Home

Located in Meridian, we are locally owned and operated. Boise to Nampa, Eagle to Kuna. We are there for you. Being local, we have a vested interest in the local economy. We offer Community Enrichment Discounts for Teachers, Retired, Nurse/EMT, Firefighters, Police, and Military.

Pick UP and Delivery!

Located in the Boise Metro area? We will come right to your door step and pick up your computer, wherever you may be. We will even pick your computer up at your work place during lunch breaks. You convenience is one of our priorities. When we are finished we will bring it right back wherever you may be.

One-Stop Shop

Cutting the cord? Need a Custom Gaming PC? Want your Mac desktop or laptop repaired? We do all of it! Essentially if it connects to the internet, we can help you with it.

Geek On a Scooter provides a vast variety of services and products. This includes: desktop/laptop upgrades, network setup, virus removal, computer tune-up, computer repair, remote support, build websites, internet marketing, home theater setup/troubleshooting, smart remote setup, home theater, camera setup.

Love Windows 7?

We can help set up your new Windows 10 pc from Geek on a Scooter to look and feel like your beloved Windows 7. If you want you to keep your Windows 7 going for business reasons we can help you through that process.

Outstanding Reputation

We have built a large clientele by honoring our quotes, GREAT customer service, and referrals from our clients. See for yourself what our customers have to say! See what people have to say on our Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews